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The 7 Natural Antibiotics Recognized By Science

Some natural substances have antibacterial properties, but which are safe and when they should be taken? Here we reveal all


Natural Antibiotics, Natural Antibiotics

For centuries it has been used for its healing and preventive properties.

Several studies have shown that garlic is an effective treatment against many forms of bacteria, including Salmonella and Escherichia coli (E. coli).


Natural Antibiotics in honey, Natural antibiotics

Since Aristotle’s time, honey has been used as an ointment to heal wounds and prevent infections.

Indeed, recent studies have shown how it can be useful in the treatment of chronic wounds, burns, ulcers and bedsores.

The antibacterial effects of honey are generally attributed to hydrogen peroxide .


Natural Antibiotics, ginger antibacterial properties

The scientific community has recognized ginger as a natural antibiotic. Several studies have shown that this root has the ability to fight many forms of bacteria 

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Natural Antibiotics, echinacea antibiotic

Native Americans have been using echinacea for centuries to treat infections and wounds .

Several studies confirm that in fact it can kill very different bacteria , including Streptococcus pyogenes , responsible for pharyngitis and skin necrosis .

Echinacea can also fight inflammation related to bacterial infections


goldenseal antibacterial, Natural Antibiotics,

Orangeroot or goldenseal is a plant native to North America . It is often consumed as herbal tea or in capsules to cure respiratory and digestive problems . It can also be used to fight bacterial diarrhea and urinary tract infections . In more recent studies they consider it reliable also for skin infections .

Be careful because this plant – whose original name is goldenseal – can cause interference with some medicines . So if you are following a treatment and want to take this plant talk to your doctor first. Children and women cannot take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


cloves antibacterial properties, Natural Antibiotics,

Cloves have generally been used to treat tooth infections . Its extract is effective against many different types of bacteria.


oregano oil antibacterial properties, Natural Antibiotics,

Many are convinced that oregano is able to strengthen the immune system and has anti-inflammatory powers . Several studies confirm its antibiotic powers of oregano especially when used in the form of oil.

The risks of natural antibiotics

the risks of natural antibiotics, Natural Antibiotics,

Not everything that is natural is also safe . The quantity and concentration of active ingredients varies especially when they are added to supplements.

For example, taking garlic supplements can increase the risk of bleeding.



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