• 3 Teas to relieve stomach pain faster
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    3 Teas To Relieve Stomach Pain Faster

    Drinking mint tea, mallow or melon seeds can be a great ally for relieving discomfort caused by pain or a burning sensation in the stomach. This is because these all have soothing properties that quickly act on the digestive system, decreasing pain. If you are suffering from pain and burning in the stomach, a light diet based on cooked vegetables and low-fat meats is recommended. If you cannot eat anything, don’t panic, try to drink coconut water and ingest small quantities of cooked foods, according to tolerance, until health restored. 1. Peppermint tea  Peppermint tea, scientifically named¬†¬†Mentha piperita L. , has very effective antiseptic, soothing and analgesic properties for the…